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How can health programs influence what children and adults eat?(Carrie)
Programs such as Jenny Craig offer food which you can purchase and have delivered to you along with recipes. Each meal is given a rating out of five stars on their website. They have everything from snacks to desserts. When you click on a food you are interested in, you can see all the nutrition facts pertaining to the food. Jenny Craig even offers a menu planner in case someone feels they need more guidance. In programs such as nutrisystem, customers' daily allotment of food is mailed to their door, offering less oppurtunities for them to slip.
Programs such as slim fast do not offer meals in the conventional sense. Their strategy is meal replacers, such as bars or shakes which you can purchase at almost any store. This availability may appeal to working class people who are busier during the day. There are also graphs to help the conusmer chart their progress.
There are several fitness program reviews from consumers online. One such list is the one on the website Top Diet Review. The highest rated program on this list is nutrisystem, an agenda which mails food right to your house. This would suggest that people would prefer to be given the correct food instead of preparing it or buying it. This involves less guesswork. Another highly rated program is medifast, a program which has people eat six times per day instead of one. Although not confirmed, medical studies suggest that this could trick your body's metabolism by persuading it not to store food as fat by avoiding hunger. Additionally, the less time a dieter spends hungry the less likely they are to backslide. Among the lowest rated programs are weight watchers and Jenny Craig, two programs which encourage dieters to take the initiative and change their own life without directly dictating what they eat. This suggests that dieters are looking for programs on which they can depend fully, as they need much help to adjust the habits they formed throughout their life.

Chicken soup from the medifast option

What are some problems with different weight loss programs?(Chelsey)
This link is the direct source to Medical Weightloss Clinic.Virtual Weight Loss Clinic is better than Jenny Craig. Their program supports their customers and rather than being about major weightloss, they support changing ones lifestyle for good. Medical Weight Loss Clinic is more about a healthy life style rather than just shedding off pounds.
Most nutritionists believe that slim-fast is not a long term solution to weight loss. Nutritionists may also believe that the caloric intake is not enough. It seems to contain too much sugar, probably resulting in an energy boost then a crash. This program also does not appear to contain an effective metabolism booster.


Slim Fast appears as though it could be an effective weight loss regimen. However, there may be some concerns about the amount of sugar that is included in these products.

These days manufacturers tend to put less sugar in products due to the crash and burn effects that it can have, especially when following a diet with such low caloric intake. Also, it may not be realistic to believe that this is a lifelong solution to weight loss due to the fact that someone simply may want to go their entire lives having to buy Slim Fast products in order to maintain their weight.

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The Nutritionist's Take
"About one third of the calories in this diet come from foods you supply (nonfat dairy, fruits, and vegetables), says Monica Reinagel, chief nutritionist for our sister site, who analyzed all of the meal plans for us. "The foods you provide are definitely the healthiest part of this diet plan.
"The overall plan is very low in fat (about 15 percent of calories—which is too low, in my opinion) and way too high in refined sugar. The sample menu provided 70 grams of sugar—almost a quarter of the total calories! Experts recommend that you keep sugar to fewer than ten percent of daily calories.
"The meals were also very low in fiber, providing only about eight grams per day. Everyone should aim for at least 25 grams of fiber per day, which reduces risk of several kinds of cancer and helps prevent constipation. But fiber also plays a big part in how full you feel—especially when you're cutting calories.
"The meals are quite low in calories (fewer than 300 calories for most). Without much fat or fiber to keep your blood-sugar levels steady and your appetite in check, you'll be chewing your arm off 90 minutes after every meal.
"The ingredient lists were also unimpressive, dominated by additives, artificial ingredients, added sugars, and hydrogenated oils (i.e., trans fats). Vegetables, when there were any, tended to cluster way down on the bottom of the list.
"Perhaps the best thing this plan has going for it is convenience and built-in portion control...but I wouldn't be surprised to see you at the candy machine by 3 p.m. If you follow this diet, you'll probably want to take a fiber supplement."

Do these weight loss programs have a lasting effect? (Diana)
according to the reviews of jenny craig almost all of them are negitive. People's main reason for their distress is that "its too expensive but works.
Average review for jenny craig is 2 and a half stars. it doesnt seem to have a lasting effect on people.
A reviewer of Jenny Craig stated, "I was on Jenny Craig for quite awhile and it did work. I lost about 55lbs in 6 months, with about 22lbs to go to hit my goal. I had to quit for awhile due to a job and location change. During this time I realized that I didn't know how to cook healthy for myself anymore and gained back about 25-30lbs. I have decided that I will not go back to Jenny Craig, cause i can't live on it for the rest of my life. I have to learn how to cook healthy for myself".
Weight Watches has much higher reviews. People like how you can still eat stuff you want, its easy to follow ect. But its been claimed to be hard work for people. The largest problem is that they charge way too much. But overall people believe that WeightWatchers has a lasting effect on them.
One man says that he was able to lose weight through Weight watchers and maintain it after he was off because Weight Watchers taught him the importance of being aware of what things put on weight. Having the support of a group or of family members who are sensitive to your dieting needs definitely help in maintaining a life-long healthy weight after the program diet is over.
Sometimes people have to stop doing the Jenny Craig weight loss program because the food is too expensive, and then it seems that they gain all that they had lost back beacue they were used to the pre-packaged foods. One woman said, "I think what sets WW apart from other programs is that you can do it for life." Most experts agree that the key to losing weight is to exercise and eat right. Some people need a diet plan too to get them organized, but it is the lifelong change of eating healthy and exercising that allows people to maintain a good weight. People do not need diet programs to succeed in losing weight.

What is the diet method in this program? What message are the different programs trying to convey?(Callie)
Weight Watchers uses the
PointsPlus program that is based on the latest nutritional science and takes account of the way your body really processes food. Instead of counting calories, the dieter aims for a daily Points target. The “four pillars of healthy weight loss” are based on scientific analysis and Weight Watchers’ forty-five years of experience. The four pillars are: Helpful Habits, Move More, Get Support, and Eat Smarter. Weight Watchers uses programs Online or in Meeting form for you to join. Members usually feel that the meetings allow you to feel personally motivated and encouraged by other members and provides more support into continuing the program. The Program teaches you to choose good and delicious foods that can keep you feeling more full more a longer time. No specific food is required and you have the choice to eat snacks or treats. Weight Watchers believes that “feeling satisfied is the key to long-term success”.
The Virtual Clinic is used to help with behavior modification. It offers support, guidance, hints, interactions with other members, and the pathway to becoming a healthier person. The plans are designed to divide up your daily caloric intake by percentage between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. “The meal plans also teach portion control and meal planning principles.” Nutritional food supplements are taken at designated times during the day to minimize hunger and make it easier to comply with the diet. Protein is big because it increases weight loss by 30%, prevents hair loss, dry skin, and nail breakage, and reduces boredom. You should use the Virtual Clinic because it gives you feedback, tracks your progress, and teaches you to eat wisely.
The NutriSystem Program will not be entirely successful unless a person uses determination and discipline also. The plan focuses on low saturated fats, fiber-rich and sodium foods, which are thought to help the body lose weight and reduce the appetite. Dieters eat packaged NutriSystem Food. The Glycemic Index is the basis for this program and is used to measure the blood sugar levels. Foods measuring low in the Glycemic Index help to stop cravings between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “According to NutriSystem Reviews, the success of the program lies in the balancing of different food groups in the diet plan.” Weight loss is made possible with the diet and exercise that increases the energy level for burning fat.

If a person is really serious about losing weight they will definitely be influenced into eating and doing the suggested recommendations of the weight-loss program they have committed themselves to. Members have to experience for themselves, which methods are hurtful or helpful. However, the purpose of some diet programs may not be to help people lose weight and feel better about themselves, but rather to use the customers to gain as big a profit as possible. These programs often have problems providing too much of one nutrient while not enough of another in the daily eating plans of packaged food. Also, weight-loss programs are sometimes not the best option in losing weight because it is not certain that the weight loss a person achieves will last after they have achieved their desired weight and drop out of the program. Members find that, after eating packaged food for a long time, such as those from Jenny Craig or NutriSystem, it is hard to go back to eating regular home-cooked food without gaining back weight. It is the methods and messages these weight-loss programs send to its members that have the ability to make them successful and stop the obesity trend. In order to solve the problem of obesity, these diet programs need to show that they care about the people enrolled in or trying out their programs; this means using weight-loss methods scientifically proven to help healthy weight-loss and maintenance. Because weight-loss programs have the power to influence what its members eat, they need to provide the methods that produce big results, not big money. The government should regulate and publish the true results of these wieght-loss programs over a long period of time. People would be able to see which weight-loss programs were actually worth their money by these results. This would cause the programs to compete with each other; researching and publishing methods that actually work in order to get more customers. In the long run, what will help overweight or obese people lose weight is a change in lifestyle; this means fitting the right amount of exercise, nutrients, portions, and recipes into the daily routine. Most importantly, the weight programs that receive the most positive results for their members will be those who, along with natural methods of weight-loss, give through either family members or group discussions, support and self-confidence to the dieters. These two things are greatly needed in any pathway to success and can make positive and healthy weight-loss last a lifetime.

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