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Subsidiary Questions:

1. What scientific research has the media carried out on obesity?

2. How does the media portray the future of America's obesity problem?

3. How has obesity affected the lives of the American people?

4. Who is the media trying to target in this?

5. How is the media trying to help prevent this life threatening issue?

6. What political figure has helped to prevent obesity?

7. What are the negative outcomes of weight loss and the pressures of obesity?

8.What other types of media are being used to spread awareness of obesity?

9.What types of research is the media looking into when discussing obesity?

By Holly Fallah

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1) According to PBS NOVA, 10 percent of the population is obese because they lack the leptin gene. The leptin gene tells the body how much fat to carry. 70-80 percent of obese people are obese because of their genetics. Most people lack a chemical that tells the body that it is full. Without this response, some Americans keep eating without ever being full. Also, many Americans struggle to lose weight because their body is at a "set weight", where there is not much flexibility in changing this weight. This is why many people who have lost weight easy gain it back again. The scientifically research on obesity explains why obesity is a battle that is difficult to overcome. Since 3/4 of the population is guaranteed to be obese based on their genetics, this is a difficult problem for Americans to evade. It also does not help when these people are misinformed about obesity, and they continue to live the unhealthy lifestyles that further trigger the obesity problem.

By Holly Fallah

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2) Obesity is a continuing problem that has only gotten worse. It is a problem that will affect future generations. ABC reported that obesity rates have increased in 28 states within the last year. Although there have been many bold steps to fix the problem,Americahas yet to respond to these issues. 80 percent of those polled by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and American Viewpoint said childhood obesity is a significant and growing problem. The rise in obesity rates has been sharp in the last 20 years. Statistics have shown that in 1991, no state inAmericahad an obesity rate over 20%. Now, more than 2/3 of states have obesity rates above 25%. Based on these patterns, the future ofAmerica's obesity problem is estimated to worsen.

By Holly Fallah

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3) Obese people have faced much discrimination for their weight. A common problem amongst the obese people is that they are discriminated in the work force. According to MSNBC, more research shows how prevalent this discrimination is. Obese people earn an average of 1-6 percent less than normal employees. OnlyMichiganhas an antidiscrimination law based on weight. These people also face a self esteem issue, which can hinder them from success. Donald Trump once said, “If I were running 'The View," I’d fire Rosie. I’d look her right in that fat ugly face of hers and say, ‘Rosie, you're fired.’ ”. This is just one example to how bosses feel about hiring obese people. Annete McConnel, who worked for a sales company inArizona, was fired because people did not like buying from fat people. This just shows that obesity does not only affect someone's overall health, but it affects their lives in other aspects.

By Bri Mele

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4) It seems the target audience is all children or adults with young children or family members. According to a team of doctors and cardiologists fromHouston's Memorial Hermann Hospital 3 out of every 4 children are obese or overweight. Studies are predicting that our generation will have the shortest life expectancy since the civil war. By the time people children reach their thirties or forties, about 70% will have some form of heart disease or heart difficulties due to the food they were eating as a child. CBS is trying to raise awareness to teen and the parents and family of children who have the potential to become obese and have heart disease. Child obesity has tripled in the last 40 years and CBS is doing their part to help prevent childhood obesity.

By Bri Mele

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5) Michelle Obama tries to convey the idea of balance to her followers. She helps people realize that it is okay to eat unhealthy things like pizza and ice cream as long as they eat some vegetables and fruit too. The problem, she stated, is that we are eating all unhealthy foods and fast food for the majority of our meals. Obviously the nation is going to gain weight if we all eat fast food for all of our meals. The campaign tries to reverse the trend of 1 in 3 children being obese so children born today will reach adulthood at a healthy weight and not suffer from diabetes and heart disease. She believes the decision is on us because we eat what we want to eat and what we feed our children is our decision.

By Bri Mele

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6) The leading nutrition and food issues the media was making the public aware of was: reducing fat intake, the impact of diet on disease risks, discussions of food-borne illnesses, vitamin and mineral intake, disease causation, caloric intake, antioxidants, cholesterol intake, sugar intake, and fiber intake. It is said that prevention is the only way to try and make obesity less occurant. As the media makes the public aware of this problem it has a much better chance of getting better. It is a goal to not only improve the health of those in the Unites States but to improve the global health in general. They are making it very aware that the consumption of high-fat foods is strongly dicouraged in this fight against obesity.

By Kherishma Shah

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7) As obesity is encouraging teenagers to chug down protein shakes, inhale energy bars, and head to the gym, there is also a dangerous alternative to lose weight that many teens are taking into consideration. Anorexia, an eating disorder characterized by the fear of gaining weight, is taking over American teenage lives as more “fat” people are being pressured into fitting into a model’s mold. What most people do not know is that anorexia is worse than obesity since you lose nutrients and brainpower to unction, which eventually leads to death. The media needs to give more attention to this menacing disease or more lives will be lost to anorexia and not obesity. Anorexia, not obesity, is in fact more dangerous and is more prone to cause death. The media has failed to pay closer attention to the horrendous side effects of weight loss. Alone, the impact that obesity has on a person can cause permanent psychological damage.

By Kherishma Shah

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8) As obesity is taking over America, more programs have been created to raise awareness about this troubling epidemic. “Fat What no one is Telling You” is a online program that allows the viewer to get an in-depth view of what it means to be obese, the risks that are associated with it, and how to fight past this challenging obstacle. These are real people telling their story in order to alert others of this dangerous disorder that is slowly creeping into people’s lives and making a permanent home there. This website has episodes which show how obese people live their lives with the constant fear of health, social, and psychological problems. As the viewer takes an in-depth look into their lives, they realize how damaging obesity can be the the human mind and body. Thanks to programs like this and others, many people around America and encouraged to live a healthy life full of exercise and good eating habits.

By Kherishma Shah

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9) Obesity will soon surpass smoking as the single most common factor in death. In America alone, obesity is responsible for over 160,000 death a year and will continue to increase as the population grows and overeating becomes as natural as breathing. As for now, research is still being done to find a cure to this trend of malnutrition, and the most we can do is eat healthy and stay active. Scientists have been researching different hereditary traits that may cause obesity to be more common in certain generations and families. So far, there has been no exact cure and vague findings to validate and assumptions; however, more research is being done into this field and hopefully within the next few decades, there will be a cure or method for ending obesity.


From defining the problem to researching how to prevent the causes of obesity, people all over this nation are slowly realizing the huge impact that obesity has on the lives of Americans. As scientists are understanding that obesity can be a genetic trait passed down from one generation to another, people are taking more caution as to what they eat and how much of that food the eat. It seems that 1 in 3 children are obese as either an infant or as a young child. Other problems arise as people are using life threatening methods to avoid this socially and physically deteriorating disorder. However, there are solutions both motivationally scientifically encouraging that help people who are obese overcome their disorder to help them live healthy lives. The media is definitely on its way to help fight against the problem of obesity and making everyone aware of the problem whether we choose to try and stop it or we keep on living like nothing is wrong at all. If Americans continue down this path, eventually, we will be writing our death certificates before we can retire. Obesity not only affects the individual, but also friends and family of the individual. Obesity is like a virus, gradually bringing down the morals of even the people we love. Obesity is a deathly concern for America's future. The media has made an effort to overcome this problem, but this doesn't seem to be enough. Billions of dollars have been put into this issue, and much research has been discovered. The scientific research is already a step towards America's recovery. It is important to know that obesity derives from a number of causes, including genetics, overeating, unhealthy diet habits, stress, and many other factors. Yes, many people in America are aware of these issues, and are making an effort to save themselves from this terrible illness. However, not everyone is as fortunate to make this change. There needs to be more awareness, and much more needs to be done to save the future of America. At this point, the future is headed in a bad direction, and it is estimated that this problem is going to get worse. With the help of the American people and the messages in the Media, obesity can potentially be less of a worry. But as of now, this is the biggest problem that America faces. Not only does it affect so many Americans, but it also affects humanity as a whole. Obesity affects everyone in some way, and it is time for everyone to come together and put a stop to this disorder.

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