The Media Celebrity Dieters: Chris Gill, Kevin Myles, Alex Kaiser, Phil Geyer

1. What types of programing do they have about obesity?
2. What are famous dietitians doing about the obesity problem?
3. Do overweight or obese people actually watch programs like Dr. Phil or the biggest loser?
4. Do people on talk shows really benefit from being on the show and having their problem exploited?
5. How popular are obesity related TV shows these days?
6. Are these shows really encouraging people to lose weight, or do they just keep you on the couch watching and gaining weight?

-We hear all the time about how successful celebrities are with their weight loss, but not all of these weight loss programs can be effective. A celebrity weight loss program is nothing more than a regular weigh loss program but being endorsed by a popular celebrity in order to make it more popular. Most weight loss plans all say the same thing, low carbs and low calories, but this isn't always the answer, our bodies need essential nutrients to be broken down and made into energy, this is what calories do, so a low calorie diet isn't always the answer to weight loss.

-Reality based, obesity TV shows will only sometime provide useful and productive information about weight loss, the rest of the time is spent glorifying the morbidly obese people that are in the show. One big concern, is that shows are shedding a huge spotlight on African-American obese families, making it seem more common that a black family will all be over weight or obese.


-Celebrities all over the country are constantly being praised for their accomplishment in massive amounts of weight loss, like Jennifer Hudson, who lost about 80 pounds only in one year and she said she did it just because "I wanted my old body back" . But questions are being raised whether celebrity weight loss is healthy or unnatural, because when the healthy weight is constantly being viewed as extremely skinny and fit, everyone's healthy weight is different.

Jillian Micheals-- Alex kaiser
- Jillian Michaels has created a weight loss program that I s successful because it integrates a healthy diet with working out and doing routine exercise every week. There is a work out plan for every week that is based on the individual’s level of fitness. This is good because the individual doesn’t feel like the work outs are too hard so they will do them. The program also gives you a specific diet that will “fuel your weight loss.” This plan claims that “virtually anyone who follows the plan will lose weight.”

Jennider R Scott - Chris Gill(AKA Chuck) (wheres his other sock?)
The Atkins diet is based on one simple concept that to loose you weight to reduce your carbohydrate intake. Its stated that if you watch your hypersensitivity to your carbohydrate intake than you will loose weight. The body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose so the Atkins diet basically is to restrict those carbohydrates so your body can produce more insulin to protect those carbohydrates from breaking down into basically sugar. In most people the body creates enough insulin where we do not need to restrict the intake of carbohydrates to an extent. Since most obese people do not have the insulin they need to break down the glucose that is produced from the carbohydrates the Atkins diet helps them reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

Potential issues with Jillian Michaels program,--Alex Kaiser
Jillian Michaels program is set up in a way that you must exercise a substantial amount to lose weight. An issue with this program is it takes a huge amount of will power and self discipline. Even if you’re motivated to follow any program it is difficult to push past your limits and do the work to lose the weight that you desire to. Another issue raised about this program is the cost. People don’t want to pay a subscription when the economy is so bad. Also there is the issue of no face to face support. This makes it hard to feel good about your progress and want to keep going when there isn’t a real person there to push you and motivate you. In conclusion there are some issues that this program in that obese people would probably need a personal trainer to keep them motivated enough to do the work outs and lose the weight.


Before After

Chris GIll- The Atkins diet is proven to work but under the conditions that you follow the strict rules. You can only eat certain foods that do not contain much carbohydrate whatsoever. An example of this is the diet says that you can eat a 1nch square of cheese on a sandwich. Since most companies only sell cheese in 2inch squares you can only eat half a normal square of cheese. In addition after the diet Atkins states that if you go back to eating carbohydrates in things such as pizza and a lot of bread you will gain back the weight that you lost.

Chris GIll- The Atkins diet is proven to work if you follow the diet plans strictly. After completing the diet program most individuals lost the weight that they wanted. Keeping off the weight is a different story. To keep off the weight the user had to not only finish the program but they basically had to make Atkins their lifestyle. Atkins states that if you go back to eating pizza and other foods filled with carbohydrates at all that you will fall back into obesity.

the truth about "magic diets" Alex Kaiser
There are many “miracle diets” out in the world. People who don’t want to put in the work and effort to lose the weight they try “miracle diets.” Some of these include the “cabbage soup diet” in which the participant eats mostly cabbage soup for a week in order to lose weight. Another program said to work is the The Master Cleanse diet. In this fabricated diet you are not allowed to eat, when you are hungry you drink juice. I don’t believe this would work. You might lose some unneeded weight from starving yourself but this diet won’t make you lose and keep the weight off. When you go back to eating normally you will gain the weight back. Not to mention you will just be starving the whole time. This will make you sick and hungry. Not skinny. There are many of these “famous magic” diets, don’t fall victim to them. They will not help you! They are more likely to hurt you! They will not give you the desired effect! The best diets and the ones that work are those that limit the “bad” foods you intake and increase your exercise.

Phil Geyer- According to this article by Arielle Loren it’s not the overweight people that watch these programs its actually regular fit people. The reason most of these people watch these programs is to make them feel better about themselves. People also watch to see the people go through the struggle of losing weight, such as the emotional break downs and what not. Other wise these programs don’t really serve any benefit to people that need to lose weight.

Phil Geyer – Dr. Phil believes that Americans need to “revamp” their life style when it comes to food. He says that we should treat food as animals do. They use food as a means of nutrition and survival where as we use food to celebrate or to pick up our moods. Dr. Phil has also started a foundation dedicated to raising and distributing funds to programs that help children dealing obesity or other eating disorders.

Phil Geyer- Do people stay healthy after going off the Jenny Craig diet. Well apparently most people have a hard time switching over to low calorie food. Because the users of the Jenny Craig diet are so used to microwavable meals, the have no experience with portion control and most of them have no idea how to make themselves healthy low calorie meals. The program actually tries teaching you healthy habits after you have lost the weight. Which doesn’t seem logical because the people are used to losing weight by just eating the diet food? In my opinion the Jenny Craig diet is a scam because most people either end up gaining their weight back or they continue to buy the food until they cant afford it anymore.

The media is a great way to convey messages about obesity. With the web and the TV people can hear facts and get involved with programs to help them with their obesity. There is one major problem with these programs though. They make their system so hard and complex its almost impossible to follow them. These programs are made in a way that the people using them have to have personal motivation and the will to work through the hard things and push past mental barriers. Most people who live sedentary lives to a point that they become obese will not want to push themselves to work hard. People like Dr. Phil like to talk about issues but he doesn’t really help people because he has no call to action. He talks about the issues with obesity but he doesn’t say how to fix it. In conclusion these “celebrity dieters” have good points but they don’t help the general population lose weight.


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